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The audio function for has officially been launched!  In such a time when technology is giving wings to new capabilities, I had an "urge"  to reach out to readers as well as non-readers with this unique approach.    I truly understand the busyness of life. In today’s generation, the majority of our time is spent at work or in the classroom, and is used up reading professional information that we "have" to and don't necessarily "want" to bury ourselves in. The reading assignments tempt us to categorize reading as work and not as pleasure, plus most people don't have the time or energy to read for enjoyment anymore.

So, plug your earphones in and catch up, you can now ‘listen’ while you travel to and fro, in the waiting areas  at your various appointments, or just about anywhere else you find yourself waiting.  We end up waiting a lot don't we?  It's always hurrying to here and to there, and then we just end up waiting.  Hurry up and wait has become the norm, but  don’t waste the gift of "wait time" by checking social media, because it often brings more pain than pleasure. Let BCBPA speak life into you as you listen and refresh your soul.      - God bless!

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