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"Bill's   fondness for Christ is pure,  factual, and non biased. His love for his  family is positive, uplifting, and honest. He is not 'showy'. Most men don’t show their affection towards their wives publicly and Bill sprinkles speaking about his wife without sounding too mushy, he does so with honest affection a real feel. I follow Bill and his ministry because he sets an example of living  for Christ, not for the popular vote or opinion, but for the sincere affection and love for the Father. A great example for men, husbands,  fathers, and us wives too!

I look forward to reading his book!"

- Kate  (Pennsburg, Pa) 

"October 3, 2014 was the worst day of my life.  It was the start of a never ending nightmare because I lost my son that day.  He was only 17 years old, healthy, smart, and never in trouble as a senior in high school. While at the hospital trying to comprehend anything that the doctors were saying, I received a message at 9:44 am from Bill. I had received messages from hundreds of people, and I don't remember much about things that were said to me that day or for several weeks later, but I do remember how I felt when I read Bill's message... For the first time in a 48 hour time period since my son became sick I had a sense of some peace. Peace, that my son Gavin was going to be OK even if  I was not. Bill has continued to reach out and offer any support that I could need. I as a mother who lives the worst case scenario in this life can say of all the people around me that day and reaching out ...that message was the only one that made me feel like my son was safe. I cannot thank him and his ministry enough for that." 

- Nicole (Sellersville, Pa)

“Let me start from the beginning on how I know Bill.  In a business environment, many years ago, I was sending an email to our building security.  I was surprised to see two people by the same first and last name in the employee directory!  It left me perplexed, so I sent the email to both.  I soon found out they were father and son!  For the next few years I had the privilege of working with both of them in two different capacities to fulfill my job responsibilities.  I remember Bill’s dad retired and the sentiments everyone had in his departure – we were all going to miss him; however, I remember saying his namesake would take the torch and continue to spread the joy.  Since then, Bill and I have become friends.  He has always had this special way of being there when I needed him the most; with a quiet presence that makes it known: 'I’m here if you need me…'

 He has shown that he’s there for people in and out of the office environment even social media.  I remember he created a page (Beloved 8:28) and it took off like wildfire!  It was entirely focused on helping people in their spiritual journey.  He asked me if I wanted to feature my testimony with a writing to inspire and encourage others.  I was honored that he asked and it was twofold:  he encouraged me to share it and it truly ministered to others.

 Shortly thereafter, his dad took ill.  Without a second thought, he took a personal leave from the office to pursue the task of walking through the final days with his father as his primary care taker while he was on hospice.  I know that it was a very special time for them and they valued spending that time together as hard as it may have been for the both of them. Bill was there when God called his dad home and he stood before many people courageously to preach at his funeral.  I’m not sure how many people would be willing to do the same for their dad.

 What touched me the most is during his dad’s illness and final days, I was dealing with my own father’s health issues.  Bill was there for me, as he always said he would be. He would pray, tell me to be encouraged, and that God would strengthen me as He’d done with him during his experience.

 When my dad was rushed to the hospital and put on a ventilator on January 8, 2017, I immediately got in touch with Bill for comfort, encouragement, and prayers. He even offered to come to the hospital if I needed him, which was two hours away.  My dad passed away eight days later, and I’ll never forget Bill saying he would be more than willing to fulfill his duty as a Chaplain and help in whatever I needed.  I knew I wanted him on the funeral program because over the years we’d share our journey and he’d always pray for me, counsel, and just be a compassionate listening ear. 

 The day of the funeral he was unaware of what kind of role he was going to play. I asked him to read my dad’s obituary, but what I didn’t know was he’d written something just in case he was asked to do more, which he shared with me days later.  It truly touched my heart in a very special way, because in his writing, I knew he hadn’t just let me talk over the years, he actually “listened” to what I said in great detail. I also learned later that his wife had lost a special friend at the time of my dad’s passing, and he still took time to minister to me and be there for his wife as well! 

 It takes a special person to be in the right place at the right time – but it takes someone spiritually grounded to know what to say and do!  Thank you for being a friend and brother in Christ.  I’m forever grateful for all you’ve shared and pray that God continues to bless you and your family.  Continue to carry the torch!”  -Vanessa (Montclair, NJ)

"I remember the day I met Chaplain Bill.  I noticed that on his computer screen was an ultra sound of his daughter Chesney.  I have never seen just excitement in anyone’s face that was on his!  It was priceless!  Over the months to come we would talk about the Bible and the meaning of its content.  When he told me that he was going to become a Chaplain, I was so proud of his conviction, that it made me tear up with his spiritual growth on the horizon.  Throughout the coming years he has grown by leaps and bounds. When my fiancée and I decided to tie the knot, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Chaplain Bill to officiate our modest wedding.  Thank you and your ministry for everything that you have ever done for me.  I will always be grateful for that.” – Patricia (Whiting, NJ)

“Chaplain Bill and I have worked closely for over 25 years – Bill always being on the customer service side and me as the client. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to learn what makes Bill genuine not only as a colleague but, a dear friend that my life would not be content without him. He is extremely professional, dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, funny, loving, and caring, amazing husband and father. I can thoroughly vouch for his amazing character and strong abilities.

 Bill has always been top notch, a pleasure to work with because his pleasant and positive attitude makes every aspect of life priorities interesting. He treats every person who comes in contact with him as an individual human being.  His inner soul is one that many have not had the opportunity to experience!  Bill poses including but, not limited to caress any situation into a positive experience, very loyal and dedicated to everyone who comes in contact with him.  Bill always strives to point out the positives in everyone that he has the opportunity to meet. 

 I have had some pretty hard faith testing moments in my life.  I am one that needs to talk thru my testing moments and Bill has been an amazing strength pushing me thru things one step a time.  We have a very close connection for family, faith, and most importantly the purpose of life that we have being here on Earth.   I can talk to Bill about anything – really he focuses on the conversation, provides his feedback and always quotes a Bible verse to help me realize what I am fighting through is possible to overcome.

 I was diagnosed in 2015 with thyroid cancer and underwent a total thyroidectomy.  Before my surgery, I spoke with Bill about my concerns of the surgery, my faith, why was God testing me, how would I get thru all of this, what would people think and most importantly if I were to die – would Bill assist my husband and daughter with my funeral and service arrangements?  He listened carefully, and said it would be really hard to do, but of course he would handle for me.  That immediately put my heart at ease and I wrote this into my last wish document.  I am still here and Bill is still pushing me along!  His sense of humor is one that I admire and many people have no idea what they are missing if they don’t have him in their life!  Bill can make you smile, laugh, cry and literally need to run and do cartwheels.  He has an amazing heart of gold and the love he shares of his faith is unremarkable.    

 Bill’s father passed away some time back. He loved his father and was so, worried about the care he was going to receive while under hospice care.  He decided to take time off from his job to dedicate all his time to care for his dad.  Bill had many trying times through his lifetime but, dealing with losing his father meant he had to carry his own heavy cross while his father went thru the process of leaving his good life behind.  Bill carried the heavy cross with dignity, dedication, loyalty, love, faith and most importantly his compassion to take the best care of his dad.  One important trait Bill demonstrates is his persistently strives to help others ease the pain they experience when preparing for heaven.  Bill and his ministry are one of kind –he is a top notch gentleman!” - Deborah (Pennington, NJ)

“I have had the pleasure to know Chaplain Bill for over ten years now.  He and I met as we were colleagues regularly having interaction together. In that time Bill had not only become a great friend to me, but by getting to know him, I had come to learn that he was also working as a Chaplain outside of the financial business world. With his wisdom and spiritual guidance that he often offered, I must confess, I have really come to deeply value and treasure. During the darkest and hardest time of my life, his words of inspiration are what guided not only me, but my entire family through the loss of my mother.

 In December 2016, my mom had an accident in our home from which she spent over two months in the hospital in a vegetative state. Bill, by the goodness of his heart, not only came to the hospital to see her and pray with my family and me, but he stayed with us for much of the evening helping and comforting us, very concerned for our emotional and spiritual well-being.  He truly was an encouraging presence that we all needed at that time, which we are all deeply thankful for.  Unfortunately, her injuries from the fall were too severe and she passed away two months later.

 For her services I could think of no one better to speak other than Bill. He was honored to be asked to oversee and preach for her funeral service.  Our family, close friends, and all who attended were honored to have him.  His words lifted our hearts and souls at a time when we were deeply grieving. 

After the funeral and with the hard days ahead, Bill  and his ministry were always there with comforting and uplifting words of encouragement.  His comforting demeanor and his ability to put you at peace with his presence, is a special gift that not many people possess.  He, along with his ministry efforts, are a tremendous value to families having to face the end of life challenges.  I speak from experience.” - Kristen (Yardville, NJ)

Amazon customer review

(Blue Collar Believer)

5 out of 5 stars


"A great read from start to finish that any Christian or non Christian can enjoy, anyone can relate to the trials and tribulations this man has gone through at some point in their life, whether their own or knowing someone who has gone through them.This book could definitely help anyone going through the daily struggle in life, either with their faith or just the struggles in life in general. I really enjoyed it very down to earth, well written and easy to read."

- J.S.

Amazon customer review

(Blue Collar Believer)

5 out of 5 stars


"Great read. Well written from a 'common Joe' point of view. I truly enjoyed reading it."


Amazon customer review

(Blue Collar Believer)

5 out of 5 stars


" I have read this book, and have only 2 words to say... Read it."

-anonymous amazon customer

Good  Reads customer review

(Blue Collar Believer)

2 out of 5 stars


"Won a free copy in exchange of an honest review. Not my cup of tea. Book was well written."


Good  Reads customer review

(Blue Collar Believer)

3 out of 5 stars



i books customer review

(Blue Collar Believer)

5 out of 5 stars


"This book takes you through a personal journey of faith. Being able to read the story of two men finding their faith is nothing short of spectacular.  I've always heard of saved people, save people, and Bill does an amazing job  showing you the struggle of doing just that.  But as we do, we pray and trust that God will someday soften the hearts of our loved ones, so that they can too experience the love of Jesus Christ.  I cannot recommend this book enough!  I felt that it gave me hope to have a voice and tell people about my own journey of faith and perhaps someday bring someone else to know the love of Jesus.  God bless!" 

- Tiny dancer24

Owlcation book review:

(Blue Collar Believer)

About Owlcation:

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"Blue-Collar Believer is William Schnakenberg’s first book. The plain and unassuming cover of the book matches the message conveyed in the title: that Christian faith is a humble thing, just as much at home in the heart of blue collar worker as it is in the mouth of the minister or the lectures of the theologian.

The book is essentially the author’s autobiography. In it, Schnakenberg tells the tale of a cynical and rebellious youth who hits rock-bottom before he finds redemption in a faith to which he had always turned a cold shoulder.

The book starts somewhat slowly. The introduction and first chapter tend to meander a bit as Schnakenberg finds his niche as a writer and figures out how to set the story up. But once one reaches the middle of the first chapter, the pace picks up as Schnakenberg hits his stride and really begins laying out his early years. It is at this point, the book becomes intensely engaging, and remains so until the very last page.

Schnakenberg recounts his years as a teenager and young adult: a shiftless boy who struggles to find his purpose in booze, drugs, brawling and womanizing. As his life progresses, he finds himself face down – both literally and figuratively – before an encounter with Christ turns him around.

He describes the radical change he experiences as his newly found faith redeems his behavior and enriches his life. So eager is Schnakenberg to embrace his new calling, that he becomes an ordained Chaplain – an identity which gives him a great deal of joy and purpose. Despite William’s title of Chaplain, he still works in a blue-collar job, rubbing shoulders with laborers just like himself.

However, as Schnakenberg takes up his new calling, the book recounts a number of colorful encounters he has as a Chaplain, and how his fearlessness in broaching conversations with people, his level-headed thinking and his knowledge of his faith drastically improves the lives of every-day individuals he encounters.

As the book climbs to its narrative climax, and begins to approach its conclusion, the reader is treated to the bittersweet conclusion of a theme which winds its way throughout the book: the story of William’s relationship with his father, and how William’s devotion to his faith strains at the bond he shares with his skeptical Dad.

William’s father is shown, in all his flaws, as a friendly but stubborn man, who bares all of the scars of a physically and emotionally damaged person. Despite his difficulties, the love that William and his father share bears the narrative to its moving conclusion.

Blue-Collar Believer is a touching and meaningful book which works on a number of levels. It is dramatic and tense, but spiritually and philosophically deep. As the reader hears William Schnakenberg talk through the text, he quickly becomes a man that anyone would want to sit down and share a beer and their feelings with.

While it is clearly written for the layperson, this book offers wisdom which works for everyone."

-Reviewed by:

Joel  Furches


BA Psychology/MA Education

Founder of The Mentionables

Find out more about Joel and The Mentionables here:

book review:

(Blue Collar Believer)

by Path of a Young Disciple Blog

Topic: Christian Lifestyle, Testimonial, Apologetics.

"I was exposed to the writing of Chaplain Bill (as he is known) through mutual friend James Bishop as we both did a bit of writing for him. You can read the chaplain’s stuff here:

 I’d recommend reading his stuff, it’s quite good and enlightening.

On to the book. Blue-Collar Believer isn’t a long read but it’s certainly engaging. The book follows his story from unbelieving drunkard (sorry Bill) to his current place as a chaplain, a loving father and husband, and most importantly, a born again believer in the Lord.

Blue-Collar Believer reads more like a very engaging conversation, it’s very personal and intimate (in a good way). Bill hides nothing from his readers, he expresses his emotions and thoughts honestly and openly, from frustration to love. You’ll often forget that you’re reading a book and simply be engrossed in the story, the way Bill writes about his experiences as a Blue-Collar Believer. I won’t lie, when I was mere pages away from finishing the book, I was almost in tears (a very rare occurrence for me) as I was reading a very emotional and touching piece but I didn’t even know I was reading, it felt like I was in the room with Bill and his family.

Interspersed among the funny jokes, the solemn moments and the very real and challenging questions and experiences that Bill writes about, you’ll also find some very useful apologetic material that I’d recommend taking note of if you want to follow up for further reading.

I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’ll simply say that this book is definitely really worth reading (available on Amazon now)."

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