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Dauntless Discipleship Diaries

Audio Memoirs..

      The      Gift

      of     Gregg

SurpriseThe G - I - F - T of Gregg
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      Saturday March 9th, 2018

   Happy 80th Birthday! 

Title: Nostalgic Reflections

Nostalgic Reflections - Happy Birthday Dad
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 Friday December 21st, 2018

"Coping with death during the holiday season"  "Realistic new year's resolutions"

"un" happy holidays - cope with true hope
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new year's resolutions - keep it simple with 2 words
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Entry 1 - Saturday December 8th, 2018

Happy 10th Rebirth Day! 

Title: The True Gospel

"A Life of Pain, Suffering, & Heartache"

Introduction and Double Digits - Part 1 of 4
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Life and Death - Part 2 of 4
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Death and Life - Part 3 of 4
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Peace of God - Part 4 of 4
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Bonus footage and a double blessing day for me,

as I had the honor to baptize my daughter "Chesney." 

It was a special day for the both of us!

I am dedicating this part of the ministry to my dad. 

I wrote the below song and sang it in a "roast style" for his 75th surprise Birthday party.

After he "went home to be with the Lord," I rewrote it, and asked Jesse Schulz if he would be kind enough to read it, find a tune for it, and record it. 

He was honored to do so, and even used his guitar. 

He truly brought this song to life! 

We played this song over and over again at his funeral. 

It has since become a treasure for me as an audio memory of his life.

BeenThere,Done That - JesseSchulz,Schnakenberg
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My wife and I on our wedding day. 

The man in the middle is:

"The man, the myth, the legend "

- My dad.

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