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As of 2-23-18 I have joined an elite group of apologists called “The Mentionables.”

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Most people have heard of big name apologists like Dr. William Craig Lane, Frank Turek,

Josh McDowell, Dr. Sean McDowell, Greg Koukl, J Warner Wallace, Dr. Michael Licona,

Dr. Tim McGrew, Lee Strobel, and many other names that are huge in the Christian apologetics circle.  Though they are all wonderful and gifted in their own unique ways, booking one of them for an event and pricing may not be an option for you, but there are other options available – this is where The Mentionables come in!


The Mentionables are a collection of the greatest names never heard of in Christian Apologetics!  ;-)


I am happy to announce that I have joined a team of extraordinary speakers and debaters who will appear where they are needed most.

Each member of The Mentionables has established themselves as a dynamic thinker, speaker, and a talented Apologist. They each have developed profound arguments in support of the truth of Christianity, taking their platform on the road, and these speakers are ready to bless any venue with the message of why you should have confidence in the Christian worldview.


We have been endorsed by:


Brett Kunkle

Student Impact Director at Stand to Reason

Founder and President of MAVEN


He says about The Mentionables:


“Love it!”


Dr. Sean McDowell

Biola University (Professor)


He says about The Mentionables:


“I think The Mentionables ministry is fantastic... and much needed.”

The wonderful part about The Mentionables is that we are a network of members. If I am not able to help you for an event, you can see if there is a network member near you, and bring that member out for a talk, class, lecture or debate.

More info here:

If you would like me personally to come speak at an event, please let me know.  I will travel to both local and broad locations.  Whether you need me for small, medium, or a large group, I am here to serve.  From the pulpit filling in for a pastor or an elder with a sermon on a Sunday and speaking to congregations, or helping youth groups to learn how to defend the faith with so many cultural pressures, I can speak on a variety of subjects.

Whether I am requested at a conference, seminar, secular or Christian school, seminary, chapel, or church, I am more than willing to help in any way.

I have had influence on the clergy to layman, and I know it can be difficult to find the right person to speak at an event. You want someone who will take the most important issues and topics facing Christians that many churches unfortunately avoid altogether. I will engage people of all ages so they are encouraged, equipped, and feel confident enough as a follower of Jesus to share with others.  With a “Blue Collar” feel, I can relate to many people, and have been commended for my efforts and style.

I usually speak for about 45 minutes and then give 15 minutes for questions and answers time.  I like to communicate in a personable way and want to really get to know the people who want to be known. :-)

If I can help in anyway, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can fit your request into my schedule accordingly.  *pricing varies by location*

Should you have any questions or want to use me as a speaker, please copy and paste the information below in red, paste in an email, put in the subject line “Speaker Request”, type the information requested below, and send to:

Subject: speaker request


Your First and Last Name:




(Event Type – Check one)






Other: (please explain)

Anticipated # of Attendees


Subject you would like me to speak on:

Additional Comments:

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